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Thank you Union Home Services/AFGE

I was skeptical in the beginning, why would someone give me money for selling my house? And how many hoops do I have to jump through? The process couldn't have been easier. Apply, wait to be contacted by a realtor, which only took a day or two, and collect my rebate a week or two after closing. It doesn't get any better than that. And thank you to Dave for finding the right realtor which had my house sold in two days!    

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Union Home Services really does put cash back in your pocket!

You provide a great service and offer great customer care!

I received the check today and I wanted to take a moment to thank you for being so supportive throughout the process. You provide a great service and offer great customer care and most importantly you follow through in a timely manner, which lately seems to be a lost courtesy. My agent was fabulous I would recommend her without reservation in the future. This is an unbelievably great program that I have recommended to my fellow co-workers. 

Thank you again for making this all possible!

Buying our new home was a pleasant expirience thanks to UHS

The Family & I relocated to Washington in 2015. One of my union Sisters gave me an article from the union paper about Union Home Services. I thought it was something old & no longer in service. Well I contacted them and am very glad I did. The Bennett family would like to thank Union Home Services for helping us purchase our new home in 2016. UHS made the experience pleasant and they were there for us every step of the way to help with any questions and concerns. About three weeks after closing on our new home we received a nice rebate check in the mail. This is an awesome benefit.

Using Union Home Services was the best thing I could have done!

Using my AFGE Union Home Services Benefits was the best thing that I ever could have done. AFGE Union Home Services Benefits is very easy to use. All you have to do is answer a few easy questions on their enrollment form and they will provide you a local realtor to help you find the home of your dreams. The only problem I had was with the realtor lady we were given and the only one to blame for not getting a new realtor was on me because AFGE Union Home Services will find you a new realtor if you are not happy with your assigned Realtor. We would defiantly use the AFGE Union Home Service Benefits again either for myself or my family members in the future but what I won’t do again is put up with another bad realtor agent and the first signs of problems I will be calling AFGE Union Home Services for help. AFGE Union Home Service Benefits was so fast to get me my money after we closed on our home. I had my check in hand from AFGE Union Home Service in less than a month of closing. It would have been faster but with the end of year holidays the mail was delayed. I already told my family members to contact me as soon as they are ready to sell or buy a new home and I will set them up with the AFGE Union Home Service Benefits so they can benefit off of their new home. Over all we were very pleased.

Thank you, AFGE Union Home Service Benefits

Ricky and LeiLani 

What a Great expirience,

This letter is to express my absolute satisfaction with my Union Home Services Realtor, Angelica. She is a really great Realtor.  Angelica went above and beyond my expectations, and made the purchase of my home much easier than I could have ever imagined.  I commend Angelica on her attention to detail and professionalism.

A couple months before meeting Angelica, I had canceled the sale of a home purchase that I had in escrow.  I had issues that I attribute to the real estate agent I had, and switched to another agent.  I did not have much success with the other agent, dealing with issues such as consistently being tardy to appointments, and the feeling of purchasing a home that the agent liked, rather than what I liked.  When I finally contacted Angelica, I was very discouraged and cynical of agents.  Angelica was a referral through a friend who had use the Union Home Services Real Estate benefit. I was skeptical because the first two agents were also referred to me by friends. I told Angelica of my bad experience’s, my frustrations and my expectations of her. She turned everything around for me.

I can’t say enough good things about the Realtor that Union Home Services assigned to help me. Angelica became a friend who was genuinely looking out for my best interests.  She has an exceptional blend of professionalism and being personable.  Angelica listens to your concerns and interests.  Every time I had a question for Angelica, I was promptly given attention and service.  I could always count on her to give me responses and information to allow me to make an informed decision that is definitely needed when making an important decision such as buying a home.  Union Home Services has great Realtors representing them.

I am very happy with the home I purchased using Angelica and the Union Home Services real estate benefit.  I would recommend Union Home Services and Angleica to my friends and family with complete confidence, in fact, I already have.  I am extremely thankful for the service and friendship that was attained through this process.  Using Union Home Services has been a great experience and the rebate I received was the icing on the cake. 

Loved My Union Home Services Realtor Team.

I would like to let it be known that I Derrick highly recommend my Union Home Services Realtor’s Angelica and Ada for any and all real estate needs one may have. These ladies are a dynamic duo with no equal to include Batman and Robin....These ladies are knowledgeable, courteous and always accessible when needed...They took personal and professional interest in my needs and wants in terms of my search for a home...They were there from start to finish in the process....They explained each and every paper and detail involved in the home purchasing process...Their patience and through knowledge of the process was a blessing to myself....These ladies are worth every penny they earn and certainly deserve a pay raise...An added bonus was that these ladies are lovely to behold as well....In closing once again I highly recommend these two ladies and the Union Home Services real estate benefit. One won't definitely go wrong in selecting them for one's real estate needs.



Simple, Easy and Valuable Benefit

I'd like to take a moment to tell you about my experience working Union Home Services.  It was simple, easy and the process was very smooth. My Realtor was great and the referral to Cherry Creek Mortgage Company was a huge help. As compared to my co-workers recent experience for his mortgage, ours was a walk in the park. We only had to send a document twice one time, compared to my co-worker sending almost every document 3 and 4 times. Communication with my Realtor and Wayne at Cherry Creek was quick and easy to understand.  I would most definitely use my Union Home Services real estate benefit again. I will also use Cherry Creek Mortgage Company for any other mortgage needs I may have in the future.  I still have a hard time believing we got a $1200 rebate from Union Home Services and then got another $500 from Cherry Creek Mortgage Company. This was an Awesome benefit. I highly recommend Dave Cornelson at Union Home Services and Wayne Lacy at Cherry Creek Mortgage Company. They made a stressful time, a pleasure.

Thank you again Dave, for all your time and energy. I really do appreciate it.

Highly recomend this Benefit, they are honest friendly people

I wanted to thank you for your assistance with the referral of the realtor and the follow-up of my rebate for the sale of my home.  Ron and Mona Resar were a dynamite pair of realtors to work with.  We have worked with several realtors in the past, but, none of them compared to the ones you assigned to help us. They were very knowledgable, professional, trustworthy and sincere with the handling of the sale of my property.  I would highly recommend Union Home Services to anyone who is seeking honest and extrememly friendly individuals.

Very pleased with my AFGE Union Home Services Real Estate Benefit

I am very pleased with the AFGE Union Home Services real estate benefit. The process was very easy. Dave explained everything very clearly and he responds quickly when called or emailed. I was told that I would receive a rebate check within 1 month after closing, and I received it within that time frame, exactly as promised. I highly recommend utilizing this benefit if you are buying or selling a home.

I am Incredibly Grateful to AFGE for this Benefit

Thank you so much for all that you have done for me. I am incredibly grateful for this Union program.  It was an awesome experience.  The realtor that was referred to me did a fantastic job helping me find my forever home. She was my strongest advocate in the home buying process. She really looked out for me and made sure that I got the best deal possible.  I make sure that I mention the program to my fellow union members. So glad I discovered it. 

I am now a very happy home owner. 

I Recommend All Union Members Use This Benefit

My family and I had a great experience using the Union Home Services Real Estate Benefit Program. I was contacted shortly after registration to start the process and within a few days I met with an experienced, knowledgeable, friendly realtor. The realtor was from the largest regional real estate company. Finding the right home for us was his number one priority. Each step of the home buying process was explained. With our realtor, we confirmed the things wanted in a home, including style, renovations, appliances, direct sunlight, foliage, yard space, with peace and quiet in a secure, safe neighborhood.  We searched for the right place, taking into account buying a home is a serious, long term investment and found a property my family is happy to spend our lives. As a Union Home Services member we were treated like corporate referrals; important clients about serious business. The realtor was always available, and Union Home Services kept up with us on our progress. The realtor and UHS were always available. The cash back rebate was used to purchase a modern security system and install high end doors. The cash back rebate saved us from having to wait several months to get that project completed. I have recommended my colleagues use the AFGE Union Home Services Real Estate Benefit Program, and I recommend the rest of my fellow AFGE Union members use this program to when they are ready to buy a home.  

Very Happy With This Service

I would like to thank the folks at the AFGE Union Home Services benefit. I am very happy with your service and will recomend it to others. I received my rebate check just like you said I would.

What a Great Team

What a great Benefit. My Realtor, Angelica and her assistant Ada were the best. What a great team of people to work with. I would highly recommend any union members use this benefit. I received my rebate just before Christmas and am so happy to be in my new home.

Thank you AFGE

The AFGE Union Home Services real estate benefit worked wonders for us. We bought a new construction home and it took 11 months to complete. The constant follow-up from our AFGE Union Home Services advocate gave us peace of mind and left us feeling confident. We got our rebate check just in time for Christmas. Thanks to Union Home Services we got to enjoy thisChristmas as first time home buyers in our new home.

All Union Members should use this Benefit

Our Union Home Services representative was great though the entire process. He always answered my questions and was very friendly. It was easy to sign up on the website. They assigned us a Realtor who was really great. The rebate of $1500 we were given once the house closed was AWESOME!! I would recommend all union members use this benefit.

TNG-CWA: The service was fabulas. The rebate was AWESOME!

Union Home Services took so much of the stress out of selling our house. This was huge for us especially since we were living over a thousand miles away from the home we were selling.  

The first realtor we were assigned was highly qualified, but it wasn’t a good fit personality wise. I call my Union Home Services advocate and it was no problem at all. After just one phone call to our Union Home Services advocate we had a new wonderful realtor, who worked very well with us.

Our realtor lived close to the house. She was very familiar with the neighborhood and what houses like ours were selling for. She provided good advice on what “fixes” to do on the house. Just as important she knew what items weren’t important to do, saving us time and money. She truly worked on our behalf. She even met an electrician at our house when we weren’t in town. The rebate was more than other similar programs. It paid for the repairs to get the house ready to put on the market. I would highly recommend Union Home Services to any union member buying or selling a home. The service was fabulous, and the rebate was awesome!

I thank AFGE for providing this member benefit

Union Home Services Real Estate Benefit Program helped me in every way possible. Before working with Roberta and Dave I was at a loss. I was working with an agent who tried to get over on me because I was a first time home buyer. I eventually fired her. I was then informed about a program that my union offered. They would  find me a Realtor and after closing I would receive a rebate check, so I decided to contact Dave. I started speaking with Roberta who was very helpful and helped me understand what the documentation meant. I was then linked up with an agent. She was a pleasure to work with. Very professional, knowledgeable, patient, nice and firm with the lender, seller, and home inspector. She maintained communication with all parties to ensure everything was taken care of in order for me to close on time. She is the BEST. The Union Home Services real estate benefit program was worth it. I felt more confident after speaking with Roberta and Dave, I enjoyed working with my agent, and I received my rebate check 17 days after closing. I want to thank my union, AFGE for having this program. It was very easy to participate in. 

Definitely Recommend This Benefit

I had a great experience with the AFGE Union Home Services real estate benefit. They got me a realtor that was very helpful and willing to work with me. The service is great for when you're selling and buying a home. They sent me a refund within a week after selling my home. Dave would call and check up on me every now and then even after a year when I was finally ready to sell my home.  I would definitely recommend this service again.  

Thank you Union Home Services/AFGE

I was skeptical in the beginning, why would someone give me money for selling my house? And how many hoops do I have to jump through? The process couldn't have been easier. Apply, wait to be contacted by a realtor, which only took a day or two, and collect my rebate a week or two after closing. It doesn't get any better than that. And thank you to Dave for finding the right realtor which had my house sold in two days!    

Thank You Union Home Services

Honestly, I was nervious about going thru the process of selling my home. Called Union Home Services, spoke with Dave. He soon had me connected with a wonderful realtor Maria. She got busy and got my house on the market. Within 48 hours my house was under contract. Wow!! The whole experience was great. Bonus, I just received my Union Home Services rebate. I highly recommend Union Home Services.

SEIU 1000: UHS Made It Worth the Stuggle

First off, I met my loan officer and UHS realtor at an employee/community fair that was being held at my previous job. Angelica, our realtor, was super sweet from the very beginning and was able to help us get the ball rolling right away. Everyone talks about how home-buying is supposed to be a wonderful experience with some bumps along the way when you reach escrow. Well, our home-buying experience was pretty awful the entire time, but that was due to our first, second, and eventually third loan officer. Honestly, I could not have made it out of the home-buying nightmare, and made it out sanely, without Angelica by our side. Despite the disaster that was created by our separate loan officers, Angelica remained patient and fought for us the entire time. She is honest, trustworthy, patient, down-to-earth, and simply amazing. I honestly would hate to go through buying a home again just because our first go around was pretty terrifying, but I would do it all over again with Angelica as our realtor. She made the experience more bearable and I felt comfortable and confident with her as our realtor. She was so great throughout the entire thing, that I’ve already recommended her to friends to have as their realtor as well. Getting a rebate from UHS was an added bonus, but I still would have gone with Angelica even if a rebate wasn't part of the equation because she was simply that great. I cannot say enough good things about UHS and Angelica! Thank you both for everything and for making our first home buying possible.

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