Union Home Services really does put cash back in your pocket!

IAM 751

Union Home Services was the best Real Estate experience we have ever had. I felt more like they were friends helping us with a dream than a agent. I felt they allowed us to express our desires and gave us invaluable insight on the process with value added comments. They went the extra step to help us secure the financing. The rebate check of $1440 was a treat that is not even offered from most Real Estate offices. Now that we have bought our retirement home through them. They will have the business when we go to sell our present home. Thanks Again it pays to work within our Union Brotherhood.

AFGE 1592

Wow, how refreshing! In an era of corporate greed it was refreshing to earn cash back just by using Union Home Services! They incorporated a way for the working member to finally get a piece of the pie so that everyone wins! From start to finish their professional realtors took us through the stressful process of buying a home. When it was all done, what a surprise to get a check in the mail from UHS to use it on whatever we wanted. I would highly recommend this service to everyone I know, they would be crazy not to use it. Thanks UHS for thinking about the little guy!

SPEEA / IFPTE, Local 2001

I highly recommend this program, it works & Dave provided me wonderful support. He called to say “I got your rebate check,it will take longer if I mail it” He told me he will hand it in person. Perfect time for the holiday & we got the check so quick! Thanks Union Home Services!

Local 521

Union Home Services made everything so simple. Our agent was courteous and professional. Dave went above and beyond with helpful advice and using his contacts to help my loan close on time. The best part was receiving my rebate check for over $1800. I will recommend them to all my coworkers. Thanks Union Home Services!

IAM, Local 751

I would like to recommend Union Home Services, Inc. when selling or purchasing your home. Union Home Services did a lot of the work connecting me with a bank, realtor and provided assistance with communicating between the Bank, Underwriter and the Title companies. Union Home Services made the purchase of my home painless and without stress. Thanks to Union Home Services, things were done in a smooth and timely matter. The rebate is really nice to use for moving expenses and as a buffer when times get tough. I will continue to use their service in the future and recommend them to all the union brothers and sisters.

IAFF 1171

Dear Dave, I want to tell you how thankful I am for the Union Home Services program. I was very satisfied with the process and the professionals that assisted me along the way. This was my first home purchase, so I was very anxious about how it would go and who to turn to for my business. My loan agent and realtor worked very hard to make sure my interests were protected and that I was going to get what I wanted. I would recommend your program to all my union brothers and sisters. Thank you again!

WFSE/AFSCME, Local 1253

This service is great for Union Members, their children, or parents who want to buy or sell a home. I just received a rebate check for $1,013.40 on a home they helped me sell! I signed up for the service and a local Realtor contacted me immediately. We listed the house for sale near the high end of its price range on August 4th and ten days later the house was under contract for sale at full price and on September 21st the sale closed. Now I have an extra $1,013.40 in my pocket thanks to my Union and Union Home Services, Inc.

UA 32

Our recent experience with Union Home Services was truly as positive and seamless as we could imagine. The RE Agent they provided us with was first class in working with us in both the sale and purchase transactions. And at the end of it all, a couple of weeks after moving in, rebate checks arrived in the mail that was a nice bonus. I truly do not know why any union member would not use this service other than they just don’t know about it.

Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO

Just this past December, following an in-depth presentation by UHS, the AFL-CIO Western States Council voted unanimously to recommend them (UHS) for partnership with the Union Plus Program.

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