Top 3 Reasons To Buy Now

1Interest rates are historically low… but RISING!
On November 21, 2012, interest rates for a 30-year fixed-rate mortgages dropped to 3.31%, the lowest rate ever recorded. Freddie Mac's (Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation) published 30-year mortgage rate in March, 2015 is 3.625%. Though current rates are still below 4% they are rising. By buying now you will be able to secure a historically low mortgage rate that will save you 10s of thousands of dollars over the life of your loan and hundreds of dollars monthly. See Chart 1.
*Please understand, mortgage rates are determined by a variety of elements including your credit rating, lending fees, government regulation and many more. To learn what you would qualify for, contact us to set up a pre-qualification appointment with a home loan specialist.

2Home prices are still below what they were 10 years ago… but are RISING!
The median home price today is around $200,000. Ten years ago it was approximately $30,000 more. However, home prices have been increasing since the lows of 2011 where the median price dropped below $160,000. For home owners, increasing home prices are exciting as you watch your equity grow. For home buyers, each increase means a larger monthly payment and less home you will qualify for. Buy buying now you will insure the most home for the lowest payment you can qualify for. See Chart 2.
*Home prices can vary dramatically from region to region. For more information about home prices in your area visit

3Spring is the best season to buy!
Historically, both mortgage rates and home prices increase during the Summer and Fall seasons and then drop in Winter and Spring. Waiting to purchase, even for a month or two could mean an increase in mortgage payment and home cost. By buying in Spring you can insure low interest rates and home prices before they reach their peak.

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Mortgage Rate Chart
mortgage rate chart

Mortgage Rate Chart
home price chart

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