trust logoATTENTION: Veterans, Active Duty & Reserves! Your service now qualifies you, your children, parents and siblings for The Union Home Services™ Real Estate Benefits Program. If you are an active member, veteran or reserve of the United States military, or are a child, parent or sibling of a US military member, you qualify to receive a 20% rebate on any real estate transaction in the USA where rebates are allowed. Please fill out the following form to enroll for this FREE BENEFIT.

IMPORTANT: You must use an authorized UHS real estate professional to receive this benefit. You may not receive the benefit if you have closed on a transaction prior to enrolling or are using an agent other than an assigned, authorized UHS real estate professional.

Personal Information

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Real Estate Objectives

Armed Forces Information

The Union Home Services Real Estate Benefit Program is now available to armed forces members and parents, children and siblings of armed forces members. Please complete your armed forces membership status to qualify.

Armed Forces Verification

I agree with and certify that I qualify based on the following enrollment terms and conditions:

  1. I am a member, or a parent, child  or sibling of an active duty, reserve or veteran, in good standing with the armed forces branch indicated above.
  2. I must use a Union Home Services qualified real estate professional to close my real estate transaction.
  3. I must close on my real estate transaction within 18 months of the date of my enrollment.
  4. The minimum real estate property sale and/or purchase price must be $100,000 or more.
  5. I may renew my enrollment without any penalty or fee if I do not close my transaction within the 18 month enrollment term.