Your Union, it's not just for work any more. Now it's for home!

A free benefit for union members and their families that pays a cash rebate worth hundreds, even thousands of dollars when you buy or sell a home or other real estate property.

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'Thank you' is nice. But CASH is even better!

As a way of saying thank you for your service, active duty, reserves and veterans of the US armed forces and their families qualify to receive a cash rebate when they buy or sell real estate.

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Receiving your UHS real estate benefit is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. Enroll: Use our easy, online enrollment form.

2. Work With Your UHS Professional: A UHS qualified real estate professional will help you buy and/or sell your property.

3. Deposit Your Check: Once your real estate transaction has closed, your rebate check will be mailed directly to you within a few short days.

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You will receive a 20% rebate of your real estate agents commission!

That could mean thousand of dollars for both the sale of your home and the purchase of your new one. Best of all, it's absolutely free.

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This program is wonderful! My husband and I purchased our dream home and received a $1300 rebate check a few weeks later! Even though I work for the State of California and belong to one of the largest unions in the State, I did not know anything about this program! A family member told me about it. Thousands of union workers buy and sell homes every year who have lost thousands of dollars of FREE money just because they did not know about this free union benefit. Help spread the word so all union members can receive this great benefit for doing nothing more than buying the home you have always wanted! Thank you Union Home Services!
Ramona, Elverta CA
I got the rebate check in today's mail. Thank you!! You offer a wonderful service, and I will surely use your services again and pass along my great experience to anyone I know who is buying or selling a home.
Mary, Palmura, PA
Dave and Roberta, Thanks so much for offering this service to union members like me. It was great to know that someone “had my back’ during what can be a crazy and confusing home buying process. Of particular note was your assistance when things got messy with the seller’s real estate agent during closing. Dave stepped in and really went to bat for us to help smooth things out and protect our interest however he could. My wife and I are truly thankful. Lastly, the rebate that you offer after closing is really a sweet deal!
Jim, San Jose, CA
This just makes sense! I sold my house and bought one, and my realtor would have given me .5 percent back from his commission; this service gave me a few hundred more than that, so I was delighted. I think it's terrific that as union members, we band together around working conditions, injustice, and so on - this program means that we can also band together as consumers! Good deal.
Karen - Seattle, WA
Thank you ! UHS you have been great helping us find our dream home. Thanks so much :)
Dawna, Patterson, CA
Dave, this was a great service that was provided to us. We had to take a small loss on our home when we sold it but with this service it helped. We were able to avoid a short sale that would damage our credit by looking forward to this return. Again, thanks for everything. Anyone looking into this service should definately use it! It is an awesome benefit, especially during times like this! Lisa and Travis V U.S. Coast Guard
Lisa, New London, CT
I just wanted to say what a great program! My husband and I purchased our first home together using Union Home Services. The whole experience was so simple and YES we did actually recieved our check for the 20% rebate. We were only in our home for 2 weeks and the check came! We have told our fellow union members about this great program and how especially Dave C. was so helpful. We even can pass on this great program to our immediate family members. If you currently looking for a home and are a union member, than call and go through this great program. Thank you Union Home Services! The Wrights
Denise, Vancouver, WA
Union Home Services sounded too good to be true. People with real estate experience helping union members buy a house... and get a rebate, too? It turned out to be true. Dave was very supportive, offering tips on comparing mortgage deals and commiserating when USDA took longer to close than than expected. He was friendly and knowledgeable, and always responded quickly to phone calls or emails. As a first-time home buyer, it was comforting to know that 1)I could contact Dave at any time and he would try to help and 2)shortly after I moved in I would have a rebate check to help with paint costs, utility hook-ups and even the first month's mortgage payment! Union Home Services is a great deal for union members. Thanks, Dave.
Linsay, Bellingham, WA
I highly recommend this program, it works & Dave provided me wonderful support. He called to say “I got your rebate check,it will take longer if I mail it” He told me he will hand it in person. Perfect time for the holiday & we got the check so quick! Thanks Union Home Services!
Norman, Renton, WA
Union Home Services was the best Real Estate experience we have ever had. I felt more like they were friends helping us with a dream than a agent. I felt they allowed us to express our desires and gave us invaluable insight on the process with value added comments. They went the extra step to help us secure the financing. The rebate check of $1440 was a treat that is not even offered from most Real Estate offices. Now that we have bought our retirement home through them. They will have the business when we go to sell our present home. Thanks Again it pays to work within our Union Brotherhood.
Carolyn, Fall City, WA

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