Rebate Disclosure: The Union Home Services™ Real Estate Benefit Program is available in principalities where it is lawful to provide rebates on real estate transactions. It is unlawful to provide rebates on real estate transactions in the following states: AK, AL, IA, KS, LA, MO, MS, OK and OR. Special rules apply in IA and NJ. Tennessee does not allow cash rebates however a 20% rebate in the form of a preloaded MasterCard or Visa is acceptable. Learn more here. Rebates may vary based on commission amounts and other fees associated with the purchase and sale of real estate in your area. You must be registered with Union Home Services™ Inc. and you must work solely with your assigned agent. The rebate is not applicable if you are already working with an agent or you have completed a real estate transaction with an agent who has not been assigned to you through this program as a qualified Union Home Services™ Inc. REALTOR®.

To use this program you must agree with and certify that you fulfill and understand these requirements:

  1. Your are a union member, or a parent, child or sibling of a union member, in good standing.
  2. If you leave the union, or if my union member relative leaves the union, prior to closing my real estate transaction, you may no longer be eligible for this benefit.
  3. You must use the Union Home Services LLC qualified real estate professional assigned to you to close your real estate transaction. If you have already closed on a property or are currently using, and wish to continue using, an unqualified UHS real estate agent, you will not qualify for this benefit.
  4. You must close on my real estate transaction within 18 months of the date of enrollment.
  5. The minimum real estate property sale and/or purchase price must be $100,000 or more.
  6. You may renew your enrollment without any penalty or fee if you do not close a transaction within the 18 month enrollment term.

Home Loan Disclosure: Your Home Loan Benefit may vary depending on your location and loan requirements. The home loan benefit is not available if a down payment assistance program is used, To learn more, CLICK HERE.