Union Home Services Real Estate Benefit Program helped me in every way possible. Before working w...
AFGE, District Heights, MD

My family and I had a great experience using the Union Home Services Real Estate Benefit Program....
AFGE, Cambria Heights, NY
Thank You Union Home Services!
Last Name: Copland
Honestly, I was nervious about going thru the process of selling my home. Called Union Home Servi...
Renter to Homeowners in 20 days!
Last Name: Leutschaft
Excellent service and timing is everything! We needed to move out of our rental home in less than...
IAM 751, Marysville, WA
This is a real deal!
Last Name: Ostrer
I'm glad I used Union Home Services. My Realtor Jeanne was wonderful; professional, knowledgeable...
AFSCME/WFSE Council 28, Local 1671, Seattle, WA
There agents are the best and the rebate was FANTASTIC!

Roberta, my Union Home Services agent, was AMAZING at supporting me through my first home-buying ...
WFSE/AFSCME Council 28, Everett, WA
It is an awesome benefit!
Last Name: Varner
Dave, this was a great service that was provided to us. We had to take a small loss on our home w...
Travis & Lisa
USCG, New London, CT
I highly recommend them!
Last Name: Dodson
Union Home Services is a terrific benefit for members. I recently sold my old home and bought a n...
AFT Seattle Community Colleges, Local 1789, Seattle, WA
Loved My Union Home Services Realtor Team.

I would like to let it be known that I Derrick highly recommend my Union Home Services Realtor’s ...
American Postal Workers, San Diego, CA
This service is great for Union Members!

This service is great for Union Members, their children, or parents who want to buy or sell a hom...
WFSE/AFSCME, Local 1253, Kennewick, WA